30 years in North America with "Customer First" principle Top-class cutting tools, measuring instruments, pneumatic, hydraulic and MRO parts! "Just-in-time" delivery !!

Cutting Tools

At PTS, we provide every kind of cutting tools in Metric and Inch sizes, such as drills, taps and dies, reamer, inserts and holders, cutters, broaches, hobs and so on. We proudly present top rated cutting tools suppliers. See our listing of manufacturers. See Products for our line of products.

We provide a wide range of measuring machinery, with accuracy within microns, such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, Roundness Testing Machine, and Surface Testing Machine. If you have a need for measuring instruments, call us today.  See Products for our line of products.

Measuring Instruments

Necessary Products When Needed:

We provide a wide range of replacement parts for industry machines (MRO parts). We have access to over 6,000 suppliers. Our shipment from local  and foreign manufacturers are made on a daily basis to our offices and to our customers. We handle over 100,000 different items on annual basis. Our product line-up includes pneumatic and hydraulic machinery, power trains, controllers, environmental systems and transportation machinery. See Products for our line of products.

Replacement Parts for your Machinery

Linking the Best.

Delivering optimal solutions to customers on the global level, empowered by our extensive product line-up, knowledge, fast delivery and global network.

PTS is a sole North American import agent of Tipton Media and Compound products for your mass finishing process. The quality and composition of media and compound used in a finishing process is very critical.  These consumables determines treatment time, productivity and overall cost of your finishing process. Call us today for better solution for your finishing needs!

Tipton Products (Media and Compound for finishing)

13-1850 Precision Tools Svs.pdf

PTS proudly represents AUTOCRIB® as a Distributor of Industrial Vending to the industrial automitive market.  With many systems installed throughout North America, PTS continues to provide total inventory management with the RoboCrib® and other AUTOCRIB® Products

Please contact your local PTS Branch for details or go to: www.autocrib.com

Industrial Vending Systems

We are a dealer for MAX USA CORP., manufacturer of printing equipment for creating safety signs, labels and electrical wire and tube marking. Their printers facilitate time and cost savings and improve your work processes. Create signs and labels on demand when you need them!

Please contact your local PTS Branch for details or go to: www.maxusacorp.com/sign_marking

Sign & Marking Solutions

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・Nov. 2018:PTS held 60th customer on-site vendor show.

・Sep. 2018:PTS Celebrates 30th Anniversary.

・May. 2018:PTS held annual private vendor show.

・Nov. 2017:PTS held 50th customer on-site vendor show.

・Feb. 2017:MQ Automation joined our group.